CDC - Instructions On How To Safely Wear / Remove Face Masks

Wear Your Mask Correctly:

  1. Wash and dry your hands before putting your face mask on. 
  2. Put it over your mouth and nose and secure it under your chin
  3. Try to ensure a snug fit around the sides of your face (the idea is to prevent air seepage from the sides)
  4. Make sure you can breathe
  5. Do not place a face masks on a child under 2

Use a Face Mask to Help Protect Others:

  1. Wear a Face Mask to help protect others in case your infected and don’t have symptoms (asymptomatic) 
  2. Keep the mask on your face the entire time your in public
  3. Do NOT put the mask around your neck or up on your forehead
  4. Don’t touch the mask, and, if you do, wash your hands (remember for 20 seconds)

Follow Every Day Health Habits:

  1. Stay at least 6 feet away from others (social distancing)
  2. Avoid contact with people who are sick 
  3. Wash your hands often, with soap and water, for at least 20 seconds each time
  4. Use hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available 

Take Off You’re Face Mask Carefully When You’re Home:

  1. Untie the strings around your head or stretch the ear loops
  2. Handle only by the ear loops or ties
  3. Fold outside corners together (or in 1/3 around nose bridge)
  4. Place face mask in washing machine on delicate or hand wash with warm soapy eater and line / hang dry
  5. Wash your hands with soap and water (20 seconds)