About Us

Started by my partner and I while being Locked Down at home during the pandemic as a way to give back to our front line heroes and keep ourselves busy. What we never imagined was the response that we received from those first few batches of masks. People couldn't seem to get enough of them and we kept getting message after message asking us to offer them for purchase. Before either of us truly realized it we had started a new business and Locked Down Designs was born. Our focus from the beginning has been making a premium mask that not just performs great but is also comfortable to wear, that makes a statement and that will hold up wash after wash.....after all you don’t wear the same underwear every day so why would you wear the same face mask every day! 
Based right between the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia and the Big Apple, NYC gIves us to access to some of the hottest cotton prints. We stock over 100 different fabrics with more arriving daily so you can rest assured you'll find a mask that matches your style and most importantly a mask that helps protect others around you. Thank you and stay safe!